Group Visits

Frequently Asked Questions

What are group visits?

Group visits allow multiple patients, such as families, friends, coworkers, performers, or athletes, to be seen at the same appointment for maintenance chiropractic care.


Who Can Benefit from Group Visits?

Group visits are ideal for those seeking regular maintenance care. They are not suitable for individuals with new injuries or chronic conditions requiring extensive care.

Can Children Participate in Group Visits?

Yes, children can be seen during group visits. Please ensure that all necessary intake forms are completed for each child.

Are the visits conducted in a group setting or individually?

Actually, both!  Some groups prefer to be treated all together while others choose to rotate in and out of the room. Group settings can often be fun and educational for all but privacy preferences are always taken into consideration. 

What Preparations Are Needed Before a Chiropractic Group Visit?

All participants must complete the required intake forms prior to being seen. This helps ensure a smooth and efficient visit.

Are Chiropractic Group Visits Suitable for New Injuries or Chronic Conditions?

No, chiropractic group visits are intended for maintenance care and are not appropriate for new injuries or chronic conditions that require more extensive and individualized treatment.

Can Chiropractic Group Visits Be Conducted at a Business or Other Location?

Yes, chiropractic group visits can be arranged at various locations. Group vistis have been conducted in homes, offices, worksites, and athletic centers. firehouses and arenas.  Liability waivers are available to protect businesses or hosts.

How Are Chiropractic Group Visits Scheduled?

Chiropractic group visits can be scheduled by contacting our office. Please provide details about the participants and any specific needs or preferences.

What Is the Cost of a Chiropractic Group Visit?

The cost of chiropractic group visits may vary based on the number of participants and the location of the visit. Please contact us for a detailed quote.

What kind of space is needed for a group visit?

All that is needed is an area that can accommodate a chiropractic table (think of a massage table) and preferably has access to an electrical outlet and a chair, sofa, or bench nearby.