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  • Appointment times are approximate. Please allow 15 minutes on either side of the appointment to accommodate for travel.
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Which appointment should you choose?

How do I know if I am a new patient or existing patient?

New patients are anyone who has never been a patient of Dr. David DeFries or a prior patient who has not been treated within the last 12 months

When should I chose a comprehensive visit?

If you have any of the following:

  • Pain greater than a 4/10
  • Pain that radiates into another part of your body
  • Discomfort which is worse with coughing sneezing or laughing
  • You have multiple complaints
  • Your condition is chronic (over 1 month)
  • You anticipate multiple treatments or laser therapy

What about if I just want an adjustment?

These are our favorite visits!   If you are not in pain or are experiencing minor discomfort without radiating pain or recent trauma, choose a FOCUSED visit.  If you are a new patient, you must still complete all of the new patient forms.

When do I become an existing patient?

After your first visit and over the next 12 months, you are considered an existing patient. 
So when you book your 2nd visit and each thereafter, you would choose EXISTING PATIENT

What if I am unsure about which visit type to choose?

The major difference between visit types lies in time and available procedures. If you anticipate needing additional attention, like in-depth consultations or specific treatments only offered during comprehensive visits, choosing the comprehensive option ensures you receive the thorough care you deserve.