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Welcome to GoChiroMobile, where we bring personalized chiropractic services directly to you.

Whether at home, in the office, or at a special event, Dr. David DeFries offers expert care tailored to your individual needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of clinic visits and embrace a new way of experiencing chiropractic wellness. Our flexible scheduling and comprehensive range of treatments ensure that your path to pain relief and overall well-being is as convenient as it is effective. Discover the unique benefits of mobile chiropractic care with GoChiroMobile, serving Southeastern PA and the Delaware Beach region.

Dr. David DeFries

A third-generation chiropractor with a unique approach to care, Dr. DeFries is committed to treating people in pain like people. Experience personalized, mobile chiropractic care that aims to improve your quality of life, not just suppress pain.

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mobile chiropractic care

Pennsylvania and Delaware

Go Chiro Mobile provides care to Delaware County PA and the Delaware Beaches area in DE.

Your hours are our hours

Your hours are our hours

Our flexible scheduling works with you to allow you to receive care when it best suits you.

chiropractic scheduling mobile

Pain free scheduling and forms

Online schduling is available 24/7 and digital forms make the getting started process quick and easy.

Chiropractic examination

Get treated wherever you are

Appointments take place in homes, businesses, worksites and events.

Acute care

Immediate, targeted treatments for sudden injuries or flare-ups.

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Chronic care

Long-term strategies to manage and alleviate chronic conditions.

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Preventative treatments focused on maintaining your overall well-being.

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Chiropractic Adjustments

Tailored adjustments aimed at improving spinal alignment and overall well-being.

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Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release uses pressure to release tension in the muscles and fascia.

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High-Power Laser Therapy

Cutting-edge treatment for pain relief and tissue healing.

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Mobile coverage cost

Go Chiro Mobile strives to provide exceptional care that is patient-based, not centered around reimbursement. Patients are free to choose to submit claims to their insurance company but we offer a more effective and affordable option.

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